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Commands and Permissions

Commands and Permission

all cmdsGive acces to all commandsbw.*
/rejoinRejoin an arena if you got
/leaveLeave the arena or the bedwars server.-
/partyAll party commands.-
/shoutSend a global message on a solo/ team
!messageSend a global message on a solo/ team
/bwView commands list.-
/bw guiOpens the arena selector gui. Not available in BUNGEE mode.-
/bw gui [group]Opens the arena selector gui for the given group. Not available in BUNGEE mode.-
/bw gui [group1+group2]Opens the arena selector gui for the given groups.-
/bw joinJoin an arena.-
/bw join randomJoin a random arena.-
/bw join [groupName]Join an arena by group name.-
/bw join [group1+group2]Join the first available arena from the given groups.-
/bw join [arenaName]Join an arena by given name. This won't work with display name.-
/bw langChange your BedWars language (messages, scoreboards, guis, holograms).-
/bw leaveLeave an arena or the BedWars server .-
/bw cmdsView the commands list .-
/bw startForcestart an arena based on some
/bw start debugForcestart an arena. Can start with a single player.requires OP
/bw statsView your BedWars stats.-
/bw teleporterOpens the teleporter gui if you are a spectator.-
/bw tp [username]Teleport to a bedwars player. Used by staff to verify
/bw arenaGroupManage arena
/bw arenaListView the arenas list.-
/bw buildAllows to build in the
/bw cloneArenaClone an existing
/bw delArenaDelete an existing
/bw disableArenaDisable an
/bw enableArenaEnable an
/bw npcManage Join NPCs. This requires Citizens
/bw reloadReload BedWars
/bw setLobbySet the BedWars main lobby. This is not required in BUNGEE
/bw setupArenaCreate or edit a BedWars
/bw setWaitingSpawnSet the waiting spawn for an
/bw setSpectSpawnSet spectators waiting
/bw setSpawnSet the spawn for a
/bw addGeneratorAdd a Iron/ Gold/ Emerald/ Diamond
/bw removeGeneratorRemove a generator when you are next to
/bw autoCreateTeamsAuto create teams for an
/bw createTeamCreate a team for an
/bw removeTeamRemove a team from an
/bw setBedSet a bed for a
/bw setMaxInTeamSet the team
/bw setShopSet the shop location for a
/bw setTypeSet the arena type. Available in Assisted setup.
/bw setUpgradeSet the upgrade location for a
/bw waitingPosSet the pos1 and pos2 like a world edit selection so the lobby will be removed when the game
/bw setKillDropsSet the location where to drop items when killing an
/bw saveSave setup changes and go back to
/bw levelChange a player level. Give
/bw upgradesmenuOpens the team upgrades menu if the player is close to the NPC-

Other features

Vip KickJoin a full arena by kicking a random player from
Chat ColorAllows to use colors on
Cmd BypassAllows to use non whitelitest commands in
Shout CooldownSkip shout
Setup joinJoin a BUNGEE mode (autoscale) server