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Supported Server Software​

StatusMinecraft EditionServer Software
🟩Java EditionSpigot
🟩Java EditionPaper

Supported Minecraft Versions​

StatusMc versionPackage nameMinimum Java VersionEnd of Support
🟨1.20.2v1_20_R217Scheduled for removal in 2024.
🟨1.20v1_20_R117Scheduled for removal in 2024.
🟨1.19.1v1_19_R217Scheduled for removal in 2024.
🟨1.17.1v1_17_R117Scheduled for removal in 2024.
🟥1.16.3v1_16_R211Removed in v22.7
🟥1.16v1_16_R111Removed in v22.7
🟥1.15 - 1.15.2v1_15_R111Removed in v22.7
🟥1.14 - 1.14.2v1_14_R111Removed in v22.7
🟥1.13.1 - 1.13.2v1_13_R28Removed in v22.7
🟥1.11v1_11_R18Removed in v22.7
🟥1.10 - 1.10.2v1_10_R18Removed in v22.7
🟥1.9.4v1_9_R28Removed in v22.7
🟨1.8.8v1_8_R311Scheduled for removal in 2024.

Minimum Java Version indicates the version BedWars1058 was compiled with.


When running Paper on java 17+ you might want to append this parameter to your start command, (before -jar): -DPaper.IgnoreJavaVersion=true


When running Spigot or Paper 1.8.8 with Java 11 you might get some errors when someone joins the server, or it might not start up at all. To avoid this issue you need to set use-native-transport=false in

Incompatibility with other Server Software​

Supported server software are stated at the top of this page. We will not provide any type of support for spigot forks or other software. There are a multitude of reasons, but in a few words it is very time-consuming to support many softwares and versions at once. Keep note that BedWars1058 uses NMS code.

The following lines are from the community with their knowledge using unsupported software:

  • FoxSpigot: if you can't pick up items from generators set stack-items: true in BedWars1058/generators.yml.

Incompatibility with other Plugins​

BedWars1058 works in any environment, but that depends on you, the server owner. Good configuration is the key.

World management plugins are the enemies of BedWars1058 if not well configured. Since BedWars1058 has its own system, secondary world management plugins need to be configured specifically to exclude management of BedWars maps.

We will not be offering assistance if you are using one of the following plugins as we do not recommend them: ViaRewind, ViaBackwards, PlugMan and PerWorldPlugins.