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How to group arenas

Why use a group?

You can group arenas by type, like solo, duals and 4v4 etc. Groups can have custom scoreboards, custom team upgrades, custom generators. Let's suppose that you've just created a new arena with max-in-team = 1. This means that it could be grouped as a "Solo" arena. Players could want to play alone in a team and they will just search for an arena in the join gui with "Solo" in its lore. Or they may click on a join NPC called "Solo" or maybe via command /bw join Solo. An arena added to the "Solo" group will show like this on join GUI.


How to create an arena group

Type /bw arenaGroup create <name> where name is the group name.

How to add an arena to a group

Type /bw arenaGroup set <arenaName> <groupName> where groupName is the group's name and arenaName the arena's name.

How to delete an arena group

Type /bw arenaGroup remove <name> where name is the group name.

Video tutorial

Video tutorial