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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I edit an existing arena?

Just do /bw setupArena <name> and you'll be able to change settings without loosing existing data.

Why shop/ upgrades NPCs aren't spawning?

Make sure you have spawn-npcs set to true in, also if you have WorldGuard plugin, please remove any regions from BedWars arenas.

I can't place blocks, why?

If you are not able to place blocks in some places, make sure it's not a BedWars rule. If it is normal not to be able to break, you will receive a message. In other cases you might have spawn-protection activated, and it won't allow you to build at the map's spawn. In this case, please set spawn-protection to 0 in If this didn't work, please make sure you didn't set the BedWars main lobby in the arena world, because it will prevent players from doing pvp, build etc..

Why can't I pvp?

Please make sure you didn't set the BedWars main lobby in the arena world, because it will prevent players from doing pvp, build etc. If you're using MultiVerse Plugin, make sure not to have the pvp flag disabled, same thing if you're using WorldGuard Plugin (it would be better if you remove any regions from BedWars arenas). If you don't have those plugins or if it didn't work, set difficulty higher than 0 in if you haven't already!

My arenas don't reset, why?

Read about this here

Why am I getting a Bedrock item from the shop?

If you are trying to buy an item from the shop but this item is invalid then a placeholder item will be given (Bedrock). Try looking in your server log for a message about an Invalid Item. Don't forget to turn on debug:true in the config.yml

Why are my holograms broken?

img This is a client-side issue, it happens on modified clients (usually on 1.8.x).

Error occurred while enabling BedWars1058, what does it mean?

In most cases it means that you are running an unsupported version, check: compatibility. When a message is displayed like this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 52.0 this means you are running an outdated version of Java. Update to a more recent version of java as described here: Recommended Java Versions. Note: If you are running a 1.8 server you might have to disable use-native-transport in in order for the server to start.

I am stuck at spawn when joining the lobby.

Since 1.17 minecraft has changed the void height and because of the void-tp feature in BedWars lobbies and arenas it will check if your Y-level is smaller than 0. To change this search for lobby-settings and change void-height to the appropriate level for your server version. You can also completely disable the void-tp feature.


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