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Getting Started

First step

If you want to use the API make sure to load your plugin after BedWars1058.

  1. Add it as softdepend in plugin.yml: softdepend: [BedWars1058]
  2. Check if BedWars1058 is on the server:
public void onEnable() {
//Disable if pl not found
if (Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("BedWars1058") == null) {
getLogger().severe("BedWars1058 was not found. Disabling...");

Getting API Methods

Initializing the API:

BedWars bedwarsAPI = Bukkit.getServicesManager().getRegistration(BedWars.class).getProvider();


Click here for JavaDocs.


If you want to create a config file for your add-on, you should use our standars and create it in plugins/BedWars1058/Addons/AddonName/config.yml.