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PlaceholderAPI Placeholders

Placeholders that can be used on supported plugins.

%bw1058_group_count_<group>%Show the amount of players in an arena group.
%bw1058_stats_firstplay%Show a player first play date.
%bw1058_stats_lastplay%Show a player last play date.
%bw1058_stats_kills%Show player kills.
%bw1058_stats_wins%Show player wins.
%bw1058_stats_finalkills%Show player final kills.
%bw1058_stats_deaths%Show player deaths.
%bw1058_stats_losses%Show player losses.
%bw1058_stats_finaldeaths%Show player final deaths.
%bw1058_stats_bedsdestroyed%Show player beds destroyed.
%bw1058_stats_gamesplayed%Show player games played.
%bw1058_current_online%Show amount of players in arenas.
%bw1058_current_arenas%Show amount of active arenas.
%bw1058_player_level%Show a player level number.
%bw1058_player_progress%Show a player progress bar.
%bw1058_player_xp_formated%Show a player formatted xp.
%bw1058_player_xp%Show a player xp number.
%bw1058_req_xp_formatted%Show a player required xp, formatted.
%bw1058_req_xp%Show a player required xp number.