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Frequently asked questions

Common issues and fixes for BedWarsProxy

My arenas dont show up in /bw gui!

Firstly, make sure you've followed the setup instructions.

If you have, theres a few things to check

  1. Make sure the BedWarsProxy port you chose is not taken by anything else
    1. There should not be any server or other service running on that port
  2. Make sure you set the ip and port in lobby-sockets correctly
    1. The ip should probably be the same one used in the bungee config
    2. The port must be the port from the BedWarsProxy config
  3. Make sure the BedWarsProxy port is accessable to the bedwars servers
    1. Make sure it is allowed through any firewalls
    2. If you are on a host, you might have to ask your host to add the port to your server
    3. If you are running on pterodactyl, you'll need to add an "allocation" for the bedwarsproxy port. If you host the pterodactyl node yourself, you can do this from the admin panel. Otherwise, you will need to contact the node admin about it (e.g. if youre on a host that uses pterodactyl)

My arenas show up, but when I try to join one, nothing happens!

Usually this happens if you didnt put the correct server-id in the BedWars1058 config.

The server-id should be the name of the arena server as if you were using /server

So if you do /server <server-id> (where you replace <server-id> with what you put in the server-id option in the config) it would take you to the arena server.

When I try to join an arena, it says I need to use BedWarsProxy to join, but I am!

First, make sure you were using BedWarsProxy's /bw gui or /bw join and not sending a player to the server manually

If you are using the correct commands, then make sure that bungeecord is set to true in spigot.yml on all servers (lobby and arenas)

Sometimes when I join an arena, it kicks me saying Restarting

This could be because you took to long to log in, so timed out for joining the arena.

To fix this, increase the bwp-timeout option in the bedwars1058 config. It's in miliseconds, so 1000 = 1 second. The default is 5000, so 5 seconds.